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Pretty Fly 100% Hudiscvall by Momentum Disc Golf

250 kr

We are sorry, but the item is sold out. :-(

Disc golf tournament in Huduscvall, Hudiksvall.. READ CAREFULLY! May 14th.

Choose your division, put in your trolley, go to check out, choose transportation option, pay. Done! IF your division is full, choose a higher division and we move you to the right division later OR put yourself in the waitlist to get your spot later on. We do only draw money from your card if you get a spot in the tournament.

If you want discs or apparel at the same time you order this, no problem, just order it now. Choose a correct transportation and we send it to you as fast as we can.

More info at:
If you have any questions, go to the Facebook-event and ask your questions there, the Momentum support mail is not answering questions about this tournament.*

Welcome to Pretty Fly 100% by Momentum Disc Golf.

Pretty Fly 100% tournaments are disc golf tournaments for beginners and amateurs. You do NOT need any membership or license of any sort. Everyone is welcome!

Player Packs are handed out from 08.15 until 08.55. Don´t be late. Player pack is a disc from Momentum Disc Golf, every player get one (no, you don´t have to use it during the tournament).

Physical player´s meeting 09.00 at tournament central is mandatory. 09.20 we have a rules-meeting that is NOT mandatory, but good for all that didn´t read the new rules or have questions about the rules.

09.35 The groups are made available in the PDGA-digital scorecard. Scoring is made in PDGA-digitalscorecard. Event access code is 100. This is a C-tier sanctioned tournament.

After round 1 we have a 60 minute lunch break.

Round 2 starts after the break. No meeting. Go to your starting Tee and warm up. Groups are made available 40 minutes before the round begins.

After round 2 we have a winner´s ceremony. In case of play offs this may be delayed. Play offs are played from hole 1 and continue around the course until there is a winner. TD or referee appointed by the TD must be present in a play off.

All prizes are discs from Momentum Disc Golf and the winners will have different discs to choose from.