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We want to sponsor your disc golf event

We like to send discs at a reduced price to tournaments we sponsor. The Tour Director buy the discs very cheap from us and hands them out to every player in the tournament, as a player pack. This is an easy and tested version of sponsorship that works out fine. To be sponsored you should send an email to support with information or links to information about your tournament. Send you phone number and email too, so we can communicate easily.

If you need help to run a tournament, let us know so we can show you. We got several years of experience running disc golf tournaments.

If we find an agreement, you place an order and get a phenomenally nice price on the discs. If you want us to custom print (hot stamp) your discs, just tell us and we will see if we kan help you. We can print 1-color stamps at maximum size 11 x 11 cm (4.22 inches). Send a pdf-file.

You should also include Momentum Disc Golf in your tournament name, visible at PDGA and the page for player´s registration. We will check this after we agree on a sponsorship.

Welcome! Email your question and all info to us: [email protected]

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