Momentum Disc GOlf TEAMS

Momentum Disc Golf will set up two teams.

Pro Team: The best players at competition level, representing Momentum discs at events and clinics.
Pretty Fly Team:  For competitive players, event organisers and ambassadors that helps us create the movement all over the world.
We are looking for discgolfers that have an impact locally or regional or national. And to be honest, first you have to explain to yourself what you can do for Momentum Disc Golf and/or Creating the movement of disc golf, before explaining that to us. We are looking for people that live active lives and like to work for change and progress. Welcome!

If you want to apply for a personal sponsorship, answer these questions honestly and send it to us at [email protected] . Our respons time will be slow.

Questions to answer: 
Name? Your PDGA-link? Your E-mail? Your Phone-number? 
What do you expect of yourself next season? 
Social media links of pages you manage/admin? 
Which team are you applying for? 
What can you do to make disc golf movement to grow? 
In what way can you help Momentum Disc Golf grow?
Don´t send pictures or videos, the download takes too much time. Send links to your media files instead. Thanks!

If you want a tournament sponsorship, klick here.