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Momentum Disc GOlf TEAMS

Momentum Disc Golf will set up three teams for the 2022 season.

Player Team: .

Philip Lindberg, Player, Sweden. lives in Vänersborg with his fiance and daughter. He discovered discgolf 2 years ago and fell in love immediately. Philip was a golf professional, competing in the Nordic tour for 4 season before he decided to start his journey as a personal trainer. Today Philip works as PT in Gothenburg with his specialist degree in rotation sports. He is also chairman of the local disc golf club ”Tvåstad discgolf” and planning a new layout at Restad Gård. Philip´s ambition with discgolf is to make a top-10 finish at the Swedish championships within 5 years and to become a 1000 rated player. A longterm goal of his is to grow the sport locally and nationally, making discgolf more accessible for children and make it easy to get started at a young age. 
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Simon Marksén, Player, Vänersborg, Sweden has always loved to throw stuff and was introduced to Discgolf by his brother Robin at Discgolf Terminalen in Skellefteå at the age of 10. But it wasn´t until the age of 24 that Simon started to play more often.
In 2019 he and his fiancé moved to Vänersborg in a house only 250 meters from the nearest basket at Restad Gårds disc golf course. “I put all my other interests at hold to focus on disc golf, I had really fallen in love with the sport and the people around it.” Simon´s goals in 2022 are to perform good in the Swedish Championships, be part of the local club´s efforts to play in the Swedish Team Championship and be a good representative for Momentum Discgolf.
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Tour Directing Team: 

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Daniel Eklund, Tour Director, Örebro, Sweden began to play disc golf in 2016 for fun, started to compete in 2020 and loved it.  “2021 was the year I got serious about disc golf and played more than 300 rounds that season”. Daniel also played a lot of tournaments and directed his first tournament for Pretty Fly. Goals for 2022 is to get a PDGA-rating over 950.
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